Mr. and Mrs. Faleel!

Jessica and Jamal are a fabulous example of two completely different worlds coming together and matching perfectly!

Jamal's family is from Sri Lanka and Jessica grew up in small town USA. Watching all of their guests interact on their wedding day was really refreshing. Everyone was so excited about the nuptials and respectful of both cultures, it was really a beautiful thing! During the speeches that night, many comments were made about how well Jessica and Jamal fit into each others lives and how accepting both sides are. Acceptance, that is what love is all about, right?

Location: Saint Anthony and Main Event Centre Hair + Makeup: Emily J Dress: Pricilla of Boston Bridesmaids: Jim Hjelm Flowers: Serendipity Flowers Catering: Three Son's Cake: Buttercream

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Congratulations to Jessica and Jamal! Enjoy Maui...