Desiree + Yrjan // Married in Norway // Part 1

JohansenBlog_0001 JohansenBlog_0002 JohansenBlog_0003 JohansenBlog_0004 JohansenBlog_0005 JohansenBlog_0006 JohansenBlog_0007 JohansenBlog_0008 JohansenBlog_0009 JohansenBlog_0010 JohansenBlog_0011 JohansenBlog_0012 JohansenBlog_0013 JohansenBlog_0014 JohansenBlog_0015 JohansenBlog_0016 JohansenBlog_0017 JohansenBlog_0018 JohansenBlog_0019 JohansenBlog_0020 JohansenBlog_0021 JohansenBlog_0022 JohansenBlog_0023 JohansenBlog_0024 JohansenBlog_0025 JohansenBlog_0026 JohansenBlog_0027 3 weeks ago, I had the honor of traveling to Norway to photograph Desiree + Yrjan's wedding. The bride is one of our alumni here at Photogen Inc. and many of you will remember her from also being one of our lead photographers at our sister company, Rivets and Roses. From the moment I met Desiree, I knew this girl had a vagabond heart and a passion for travel, so it only makes sense that her closest family and friends would travel across the world for her wedding. Yrjan studied abroad in the States for college and it was during a media school in class where these two met. Over the years, they were back and forth between America and Norway, until a couple of years ago, Desiree finally decided to permanently move. The couple chose to get married in Norway, simply because of the adventure. I don't know if I can even begin to articulate how beautiful a country Norway is. It's absolutely stunning and just getting in a car and driving is a treat, because of all the gorgeous scenery there is. Desiree and Yrjan's wedding was a complete dream to photograph, but it was also so great to meet their family and friends - and travel with them. I feel like I've walked away from this trip with some life-long friends as well! In creating their blog post, there are just too many photos that I want to share, so I am dividing this up into two posts. Our journey began in Bergen, Norway, where we met up with most of the travelers and we all made the trek to their wedding location, which is tucked away on the edge of a Norwegian fjord. The weather can change drastically in one day, so their BBQ rehearsal dinner started out a little on the rainy side, but ended with an amazing sunset.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this wedding - you don't want to miss it!