Mr. and Mrs. Friendshuh!

When I first met Ashley and Eddie, the first thing that came to mind was,"Hell, yes." I had been waiting and waaaaaiting for a bad-ass bride. You know, the tattoos, the piercings, the whole bit. Ashley fit the bill perfectly for one of my 'dream' brides, but over the time that I was able to really get to know Ashley, she really blew me away with her real, flawless beauty. She's a girl who will never admit it. She'll say, "I'm a mom to three kids all day, I don't wear makeup!" The truth is, she doesn't need it and I know Eddie, her groom, would agree.  The bad-ass vibe aside, both Ashley and Eddie are two of the sweetest people I have ever met.  The couple has three gorgeous children who also celebrated the occasion and it was clear that they were just as excited for the party as the adults.  Ashley and Eddie had an incredibly special day. The weather (as it has been this entire spring) had been flirting with a thunderstorm all day and just a couple hours before the ceremony did the rain let up. The sun was shining bright during the ceremony and the casual-country reception at Minnetonka Orchards ended up being one of the most beautiful nights of the year thus far. There were lawn games, live music, bonfires, home made desserts from The Country Cake Cupboard, and more. The ladies of MiMi Design put together a gorgeous event for all of the guests (and kids!) to enjoy!friendshuhblg0001 friendshuhblg0002 friendshuhblg0003 friendshuhblg0004 friendshuhblg0005 friendshuhblg0006 friendshuhblg0007 friendshuhblg0008 friendshuhblg0009 friendshuhblg0010 friendshuhblg0011 friendshuhblg0012 friendshuhblg0013 friendshuhblg0014 friendshuhblg0015 friendshuhblg0016 friendshuhblg0017 friendshuhblg0018 friendshuhblg0019 friendshuhblg0020 friendshuhblg0021 friendshuhblg0022 friendshuhblg0023 friendshuhblg0024 friendshuhblg0025 friendshuhblg0026 friendshuhblg0027 friendshuhblg0028 friendshuhblg0029 friendshuhblg0030 friendshuhblg0031 friendshuhblg0032 friendshuhblg0033 friendshuhblg0034 friendshuhblg0035 friendshuhblg0036 friendshuhblg0037 friendshuhblg0038 friendshuhblg0039 friendshuhblg0040 friendshuhblg0041 friendshuhblg0042 friendshuhblg0043 friendshuhblg0044 friendshuhblg0045 friendshuhblg0046 friendshuhblg0047 friendshuhblg0048 friendshuhblg0049

Congratulations to Ashley and Eddie! You absolutely know how to throw a party!