Mr. and Mrs. Henderson // A Wedding in Atlanta, Part 1!

The first time I met Erin and Maleah, I was photographing their maternity session and I absolutely fell in love with this couple. Fast forward 1 year and we're all together again to celebrate another milestone in life, their wedding! There are two things I love and admire about Erin and Maleah, and since this is post 1-of-2, I will focus on the first.They are best friends. For real. During their ceremony, the couple spoke their vows and nothing was written down. Those words came right from the heart and it was beautiful. I remember Erin saying," Baby, you believe in me when no one else does - when I don't even believe in myself. But there you are."Right after their ceremony, I had some alone-time with the couple and Maleah said, " You know, Erin doesn't need a 'wife' per-say, but he needs a best friend and that is what I am to him. I have his back and I believe in him."There's something so special about the way these two view their relationship. They are a team, thru and thru and now they're a family! The love they have for little Lennox, their family and friends is one of the most genuine I have seen.

Their wedding took place at the gorgeous Biltmore in Atlanta, Georgia and it was absolutely stunning! The weather was perfect, our couple was gorgeous and we were surrounded by the best people! Not to mention, my friend Jeffrey of JNP Studios was able to fly in to second shoot with me, so we were having a blast! These photos are from the first half of the day, and there are even more amazing details and photos to come!

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