Julia and Mario: A JNP Wedding!

Have I ever told you how SWEET my job is?!?!? Seriously! I get to do what I love for a living, travel AND work with A-MAZING people! I’m soooooo blessed! This past weekend, I went to L.A. to shoot a wedding with my great friend, Jeffrey of JNP Studios! I think it is absolutely necessary for successful photographers to continue to second shoot at LEAST 1-2 times/year. Why? First, it gives you TOTAL freedom to be creative, test new equipment, try new techniques and ideas without the risk of ‘missing’ anything during the day or feeling obligated to get the ‘safe’ stuff! On this trip, I tested out the new Canon 5D Mark II, challenged myself to shoot with back-focus and manual flash (which I definately need more practice with!), and shot some medium format film with my new Mamiya! I also tested out several of Jeffrey’s lenses and have added some more things to my wish list! ;0) Jeffrey and I had an absolute BLAST at this wedding! The couple was great and we also tried some new LED lights for some night shots! These lights worked SUPER well and a bonus is that they are already white balanced and hold full power for HOURS! ;0) That’s what I’m talking about!

IMG_3399.jpg IMG_3415.jpg IMG_3247.jpg IMG_3309.jpg IMG_3320.jpg IMG_3333.jpg IMG_3381.jpg IMG_3354.jpg IMG_3486.jpg Untitled-1.jpg IMG_3516 copy.jpg Untitled-6.jpg IMG_3518.jpg IMG_3527.jpg IMG_3575.jpg IMG_3587.jpg IMG_3589.jpg IMG_3595.jpg IMG_3599.jpg IMG_3663.jpg Untitled-5.jpg IMG_3719.jpg IMG_3738.jpg IMG_3746.jpg IMG_3825.jpg IMG_3878.jpg Untitled-2.jpg IMG_3899.jpg IMG_3956.jpg IMG_3960.jpg Untitled-3.jpg IMG_4008 copy.jpg Untitled-4.jpg Untitled-7.jpg IMG_4112.jpg IMG_4243.jpg

Congratulations to Mario and Julia on their wedding! Thank you SO much for inviting me to be a part of your amazing day! eliesa