Mr. and Mrs. Masciantonio!!!

People ask me all of the time what I do for advertising. The answer is, nothing. I don't advertise at all and all of my business is simply through word of mouth! It is absolutely the best form of advertising out there and Joey and Kristen's wedding is the perfect example! Last year, I photographed the Odney's wedding and while they were on their honeymoon in Cabo, they met Kristen and Joey! The Odney's were showing off their wedding pictures and Kristen loved them SO much that 1 YEAR later, she called me up! Kristen and I clicked right away over the phone and we just had to come to Philadelphia to shoot her wedding! The Masciantonio wedding was amazing. The couple decided to have an incredibly intimate wedding, with only 15 people in attendance! We had SUCH a blast photographing their event and by the end of the day, Brandon and I felt like we were part of the family!

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Congratulations to Kristen and Joey!