Mr. and Mrs. Belsey!!!

WHOOOO WEEEE! I have been waiting to photograph Roz and Jamie's wedding for about year and a half, so needless to say I was SUPER excited for the big day to finally be here! (I was probably more excited than the bride - seriously!)

I met the happy couple a couple years ago while shooting their friend's wedding and Roz and I totally clicked! Once Jamie popped the question, there was no doubt about it that I would be there for their wedding! Over the years, Roz and I developed a fabulous friendship, which made photographing their wedding EVEN BETTER!

My favorite thing about Roz and Jamie's wedding is the little personal touches they put on everything. This was truly THEIR wedding! Roz spent so much time getting crafty and making some amazing details, such as a ring bearer box, the horseshoe she carried down the aisle for good luck and even the flower girl's dress!

The theme of the Belsey's wedding was everything Irish! From there ceremony to the customized 'shot glass toast', these two are really LUCKY IN LOVE!

Getting Ready Location: Terminal City Club Hotel Ceremony / Reception Location: Stanley Park Pavilion Bride's Dress: La Belle Elaine's Bridal, Private Collection Bridesmaid Dresses: Mori Lee Tux: Leading Man TuxedosFlowers: Super Grocer Live Band: A mix of talent from "Jazzberry Ram" and "Spy Girl"

belseyblg0001.jpg belseyblg0002.jpg belseyblg0003.jpg belseyblg0004.jpg belseyblg0005.jpg belseyblg0006.jpg belseyblg0007.jpg belseyblg0008.jpg belseyblg0009.jpg belseyblg0010.jpg belseyblg0011.jpg belseyblg0012.jpg belseyblg0013.jpg belseyblg0014.jpg belseyblg0015.jpg belseyblg0016.jpg belseyblg0017.jpg belseyblg0018.jpg belseyblg0019.jpg belseyblg0020.jpg belseyblg0021.jpg belseyblg0022.jpg belseyblg0023.jpg belseyblg0024.jpg belseyblg0025.jpg belseyblg0026.jpg belseyblg0027.jpg belseyblg0028.jpg belseyblg0029.jpg belseyblg0030.jpg belseyblg0031.jpg belseyblg0032.jpg belseyblg0033.jpg belseyblg0034.jpg belseyblg0035.jpg belseyblg0036.jpg belseyblg0037.jpg Complete with a rainbow at the end of the day - how perfect is that?!?! belseyblg0038.jpg

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Belsey!!!! I am SO happy for you two!!!