Mr. and Mrs. Bishman!

Lindsey and Cole have been together for 9 - almost 10 years! In fact, for as long as I can remember these two have been together!  This was a very special wedding for me to photograph, because it was my first wedding back in my hometown! This wedding could not have gone any better! There were fabulous people, motorcycles, great emotion and a true sense of family! Cole has 2 bothers and Lindsey has 2 sisters - and there is something very special about the bonds between all of them that I just LOVED!

Now....onto the pictures....starting with Cole's other love - the Harley...

**CAUTION - this is an incredibly long post!**

bishman0001.jpg bishman0002.jpg bishman0003.jpg bishman0004.jpg bishman0005.jpg bishman0006.jpg bishman0008.jpg bishman0009.jpg bishman0010.jpg bishman0011.jpg bishman0012.jpg bishman0013.jpg bishman0014.jpg bishman0016.jpg bishman0017.jpg bishman0018.jpg bishman0019.jpg bishman0020.jpg bishman0021.jpg bishman0022.jpg bishman0023.jpg bishman0025.jpg bishman0026.jpg bishman0027.jpg bishman0028.jpg bishman0029.jpg bishman0030.jpg bishman0031.jpg bishman0032.jpg bishman0033.jpg bishman0034.jpg bishman0035.jpg bishman0036.jpg bishman0037.jpg bishman0038.jpg bishman0039.jpg bishman0040.jpg bishman0041.jpg bishman0042.jpg bishman0044.jpg bishman0045.jpg bishman0046.jpg bishman0047.jpg bishman0048.jpg bishman0049.jpg bishman0051.jpg bishman0052.jpg bishman0053.jpg bishman0054.jpg bishman0055.jpg bishman0056.jpg bishman0057.jpg

Ok - Serious nerd alert coming up! So, every Christmas, my father was the town Santa Claus and he would make private home appearances on Christmas Eve - needless to say, I when I was very young, I decided that I was going to be an elf. It was my job to hand out the candy canes - and I got $10 per visit - that was BIG money! The Bishman family was one of the visits that we did every single year - and here is a photo of the evidence! (And I totally can't believe I am showing the world this....eeeek!)   IMG_2095.jpg

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Bishman! I am SO happy for you two and it was a true pleasure to capture your wedding day!