Mr. and Mrs. Leppke!!

This weekend was filled with amazing weddings! To start it all off was Susan and Mark's fabulous event! Every now and again, I come across that couple that I just click with! Susan and Mark have been super supportive of me (such attending fashion fight night - it's was so cool to see a client there cheering me on!) So, I have a little, special place in my heart for them! They are crazy in love and it was a true pleasure to give back to them!Dress: Vera WangShoes: DSW Brides Maid Dresses: Alfred Angelo @ The Wedding Shoppe Tux: Savvi Formal Wear Susan's Jacket: Vintage Hair Piece: Brides of France Jewelry: Saks 5th Avenue Rings: Bergstrom Jewelers Flowers: Sadie's Floral Cake: Megan Pelka Location: The University Club on Summit

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Congratulations to Mark and Susan on their AMAZING wedding...and getting married!eliesa