Mr. and Mrs. Macielewicz!!!

Natalie and Vince grew up 2 blocks from one another and who knew that one day, they would get hitched? This couple fell in love after high school, yet so many situations in their lives brought them within a heartbeat of each other. Brandon and I traveled to Indiana for the wedding and at the end of the weekend, the bride's father said to me, "I don't know if it was worth your time to drive all the way up here, but for us, it was worth every penny. We thought Nat was crazy for bringing a photographer all the way from Minneapolis to take her wedding photos, but now we all understand. You created some amazing memories for us, thank you."

THAT is what my job is all about and why I photograph weddings, because it simply changes people's lives.

This wedding was also an emotional one! 15 years ago, Natalie's mother passed away from Breast Cancer and we took a moment to honor her on their wedding day. Natalie and her family never, ever forget to include their Mother in all of their milestone events and I think that is something to be celebrated!

Now, without further ado...

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Congratulations to Natalie and Vince!