Mr. and Mrs. Oeltjenbruns!!

I know I always talk about how much I love my clients, and trust me, I really, REALLY love each and every one of them! But I have to say, Matt and Hillary are two of my all-time-favorite people! There are literally, a million reason why I love these two so much, but one of the things that has always stuck in my head about this couple is really how much they truly value their photos! I grew up in the same hometown as both Hillary and Matt, but never really knew them too well. The amazing thing about them is that after they became engaged, I was THE FIRST PERSON they called!!! How INSANE is that! For me, that really brought home how powerful my images speak to those around me and the true worth that they hold to my clients! The best bookings are those clients who don't even think twice, they just HAVE to have Team Photogen Inc and all that we offer! Over the last year, Matt, Hillary and I have built this amazing friendship and I really admire how grateful this couple is for absolutely everyone in their lives! One thing I love about this couple is their families. Both sets of their parents are still married and ALL of their grandparents are still married!! Marriage is another value that has been instilled, and nurtured through generations in this family and it is SO obvious, when you see the way that Matt and Hill love each other!

Hillary also takes the award for best bouquet this year!


Congratulations to Hill and Matt! I am SO excited for you both and want to sincerely thank you for choosing me to document your wedding day!