Mr. and Mrs. Pounds!!

Holly and Jerry are a couple who are made for each other and no matter how hard they tried, fate brought them together! These two amazing people grew up together and knew of each other, but never dated. Holly was always intrigued by Jerry, but the two stayed as simply acquaintances and classmates over the years. It wasn't until their 10 year class reunion that Holly and Jerry noticed that they had a little romance and let me tell you, the sparks FLEW! Holly was absolutely radiating beauty on her wedding day with a classic 40's style look that was gorgeous! Their wedding took place in Aberdeen, South Dakota...literally in the middle of nowhere! Their ceremony was at a small country church, with only their closest family and friends in attendance. Just as the couple walked down the aisle, a serious...and I mean serious storm hit with over softball size hail! I've never seen hail or weather quite like that...ever! If rain is supposedly good luck on your wedding day, then the new Mr. and Mrs. Pounds are in for an extreme lifetime of happiness!

Thankfully, the weather passed super quick and the sunshine was simply GOLDEN on the landscape, which made for some absolutely stunning photos!

Congratulations to Holly and Jerry...the new Mr. and Mrs. Pounds!! It was such a pleasure to capture this day and experience it all with you! (Hail damage and all! :0)