Mr. and Mrs. Randall!!!

I have known Julie for about 4 years now - and she was one of those friends who said 'When I get married, I know EXACTLY who my photographer will be!' Nearly 2 years ago, Mark popped the question and this last weekend, the happy couple officially tied the knot! I was THRILLED to be asked to be a part of their wedding! Julie was just beaming the entire day and I was SO happy to see her in a true state of bliss!

Their event took place in a picturesque town in upper Michigan, right on the Great Lake named Petoskey.

Location: The Historic Perry Hotel Bride's Dress: Maggie Sottero Bridesmaid Dresses: Alfred SungTux: ClaiborneFlowers: Sky's the LimitCake: Bella e Dolce

randallblg0001.jpg randallblg0002.jpg randallblg0003.jpg randallblg0004.jpg randallblg0005.jpg randallblg0006.jpg randallblg0007.jpg randallblg0008.jpg randallblg0009.jpg randallblg0010.jpg randallblg0011.jpg randallblg0012.jpg randallblg0013.jpg randallblg0014.jpg randallblg0015.jpg randallblg0016.jpg randallblg0017.jpg randallblg0018.jpg randallblg0019.jpg randallblg0020.jpg randallblg0021.jpg randallblg0022.jpg randallblg0023.jpg randallblg0024.jpg randallblg0025.jpg randallblg0026.jpg randallblg0027.jpg randallblg0028.jpg randallblg0029.jpg

Now for the RING shot...Mark is a Police Officer, so I want to note that the gun shot below was 100% safe - do not try at home! ;0) RING SHOT: GUNS-n-ROSES!

 randallblg0030.jpg randallblg0031.jpg randallblg0032.jpg randallblg0034.jpg randallblg0035.jpg randallblg0036.jpg

Congratulations to Julie and Mark!! I am SO happy for you two!