Mr. and Mrs. Snyder!!!

Sarah and Christopher are a couple who truly has an amazing amount of passion for each other! Sarah is a massage therapist, while Christopher is a chef! Needless to say, food, wine and great friends were at the top of their list when planning their wedding! The theme was an English Garden Party and every little detail fit in perfectly! Sarah was one. hot. bride. with her vintage look  - Christopher is one lucky man!

Location: Camrose Hill Farm Bride's Dress: Carol Bradley Groom's Suit: Heime's Haberdashery Flowers: Camrose Hill Flowers Catering: Lake Elmo Inn Cake: Wuollet Bakery Swing Band: Maud Hixon Photo Booth: The Traveling Photo Booth

snyderblg0001.jpg snyderblg0002.jpg snyderblg0003.jpg snyderblg0004.jpg snyderblg0005.jpg snyderblg0006.jpg snyderblg0007.jpg snyderblg0008.jpg snyderblg0009.jpg snyderblg0010.jpg snyderblg0011.jpg snyderblg0012.jpg snyderblg0013.jpg snyderblg0014.jpg snyderblg0015.jpg snyderblg0016.jpg snyderblg0017.jpg snyderblg0018.jpg snyderblg0019.jpg snyderblg0020.jpg snyderblg0021.jpg snyderblg0022.jpg snyderblg0023.jpg snyderblg0024.jpg snyderblg0025.jpg snyderblg0026.jpg snyderblg0027.jpg snyderblg0028.jpg snyderblg0029.jpg snyderblg0030.jpg snyderblg0031.jpg snyderblg0032.jpg snyderblg0033.jpg snyderblg0034.jpg snyderblg0035.jpg

Congratulations to Sarah and Christopher! Have a fabulous time in Alaska!