Mr. and Mrs. Wieser!!!

I have been looking forward to Matt and Jayde's wedding for so, so, so, so long! I absolutely adore my clients and I love getting to know them along the way! Matt and Jayde are a couple that I feel I have gotten to know on an entirely different level! They booked a little over a year-and-a-half ago and I've seen them through the birth of their daughter (who is the cutest thing in the world) and the death of Matt's brother, Mikey. There is no doubt about it, this couple is all about family, through thick and thin! Matt is one of twelve siblings...all of which are adopted! It's very rare that you come across a family such as this and there is such an incredible family dynamic in there! Both Jayde and Matt's families are some of the most authentic people I have ever met in my life, and it was such a pleasure to be with them on their wedding day!

The big event was held at the Minnesota Boat Club - and once again, the clouds parted just in time for their ceremony! There are two things I loved the most about their wedding: 1) Their flowers...ah-mazing! (Which were put together by a family friend, e-mail me if you would like her info!)  2) Their dedication to Mikey! Matt and Jayde made sure to include him in every aspect of their day, and let me tell could sure feel the love in that room!


Congratulations to Matt and Jayde! I am SO happy for you two and all of the joy you have in your lives!!