Mr. and Mrs. McCullough!!!

Authentic. Real. Loyal. This is exactly how I would describe the love that Brian and Casey have for each other. I have fallen in love with these two and I know that they will be friends for life! One of the things that I admire about their relationship is how much value it has. Really, everything that Brian and Casey put their efforts into is because they believe in it. Family is the biggest thing they value and it shows in every relationship they have with their family and friends.

I take all of my clients out for dinner before their wedding. Casey, Brian and I spent 4 hours at dinner and I think we could have sat there all night. When they arrived, Brian said, "You know, with all business set aside, we would absolutely love for you to come to our rehearsal dinner and just meet our families and enjoy it with us. Yes, you are our photographer, but we would just love to continue this relationship on with you long after our wedding." I believe my response to this was. "Hell yes I will come!" The night of their rehearsal dinner, I felt this bundle of love inside of me, because I was surrounded by this couple's closest family and friends...and I knew that they valued my relationship that much to be included in their special little circle!

The McCullough's wedding was absolutely perfect! My favorite part was their wedding party. A little-awesome-secret about this couple is that they are BOTH twins! Their wedding party consisted of their twin standing up for them. Talk about a very cool dynamic.

Ceremony: The Basilica of St Mary Reception: Profile Event Center Photo Location: The Sculpture Garden Photo Booth: The Traveling Photo Booth

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A HUGE congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs.!! I am SO happy for you two!