Rivets and Roses - Introducing Louisa!

There have been SO many cool changes around here at the Photogen Inc. Studios - and all amazing ones at that! We are getting ready to move into a new studio space in the next couple of months - and our crew is getting better by the minute! As many of you know, I own another wedding photography company, called Rivets and Roses. This is a growth company for photographers to begin their journey as wedding photographer, while being able to foster their talent and clientele base by being a part of our studio! My right-hand-man-and-partner-in-crime-for-5 years, Mr. Brandon Werth is making the big, exciting move of going off on his own this year! He will still be with us the first part of the 2011 season, to wrap up his bookings, but we are SO excited and proud of him for branching off into his future endeavors! With that, I am beyond thrilled to announce that the wonderful and lovely Louisa Podlich is our new lead photographer for Rivets and Roses! Louisa is an amazing artist - and one of the coolest people to work with that I know! This girl has her shit together and has one of the best outlooks on life, work, and art! She also has a super cool personal project called .onethirtyfive. You will see that we've updated the R&R website and blog - check out the fresh new work!


A special THANK YOU to my amazing team! Liz, Tom, Jonny, Jacob, Jessica, Ryan, Louisa and Judd - I couldn't do this without you!