Safa and Shakir: Married!

I love culture, especially when it comes to a wedding. There are simply SO many ceremonial traditions when it comes to a marriage and I love to experience them along with our clients. Safa and Shakir came to me and booked on the spot (LOVE when that happens, by the way!) Clearly, they were the perfect clients for me and as the began to describe their big day, I fell more in love. This is a couple that values their culture, tradition and family way before any of the fluff. Safa's family is from Egypt and Shakir's family is from Pakistan, so their legal marriage took place in a private family ceremony, several weeks ago. Photographing their reception is where I come in; however, there were still some key rituals that took place. My favorite part of the day was the Zaffa, or wedding march. This is very typical in all Arabic cultures and it is a PARTY! The colors, sights, sounds and energy are unlike anything else - there's loud music, chanting, clapping, dancing, and it ultimately embraces the true celebration of the marriage!

Safa and Shakir chose the Calhoun Beach Club for their reception site and everything came out absolutely beautifully! The women looked absolutely stunning with help from Safa's sister, Marwa, who's a makeup-guru and Julie of Smart & Chic Bride did a lovely job on all the hair (Side note - they just won best-of-makeup for Minnesota Bride - congrats ladies!)

The bottom line is that Safa and Shakir's day was filled with tons of tradition, beauty and celebration that was SO much fun to be a part of!

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Congratulations to Safa & Shakir on your big day!