The 2009 Photogen Inc Wedding Giveaway is HERE!!!

aewedgiv.jpg It's FINALLY here! Each year, I give away a free wedding to one amazing couple that is doing some super cool things with their lives!

Last year's pick was Amy & Eric - and their wedding is this weekend!

I fly out tomorrow to spend the weekend with the lovely couple and I can not WAIT! To make the weekend even better, my good friend Jeffrey of JNP Studios will be 2nd shooting along side with me!

To refresh everyone's memory - here is Amy and Eric's Story!

In Amy's Words:

 If I had one word to describe Eric, it would be energy. Evident from the day we met, Eric has more energy in his left hand than most people have in their whole body. If I had a second word to describe Eric, it would be giving. I have never met anyone who does more for so many people without seeking something in return. It took me a while to accept both qualities, as my idea of a good time is a glass of wine and a good book...the B word alone makes him cringe. In his mind, there are so many things to do and he is constantly doing things for me and others. His energy is contagious and no matter how hard you try (and I have), it's impossible to be in a bad mood around him. He laughs at everything and anything and he has never met someone who he doesn't think wants to be his friend. Janitors, cab drivers, checkout ladies - after a 5 minute conversation with Eric, any one of these people might end up giving a toast at our wedding. I have realized how lucky I am to be with such an energetic giver, and I have learned to love and appreciate his unconditional kindness and untamed spirit.

About the Couple:

Our first encounter, while less romantic than many love stories, was a perfect beginning for the type of couple Eric and I would become. I had just moved to Chapel Hill from San Antonio to pursue my Masters at the University of North Carolina. My college basketball career had ended the year before and I was always looking for a competitive outlet. I met Eric on the intramural fields on campus where he had organized a spirited game of Ultimate Frisbee. We became fast friends, finding sports as our common bond. Eric had graduated from UNC where he had worked as a student manager for the men's basketball team. After he graduated in 2004, he was hired on as the team's Video Coordinator by Coach Roy Williams. After several months of a great friendship, we both began to realize that the bonds were greater than we each had expected. In March of 2006 we began dating, and with a knotted stomach and a shaky hand, Eric proposed to me on May 30, 2008. I said yes.

Why they LOVE Photogen Inc!

It is clear that photography is more than a job for Eliesa and her strengths as a photographer go far beyond her ability to catch the perfect light or shoot the right angle. Her human connections as well as her passion make her unique. We are also passionate - about our friends, our jobs, our families, our Tar Heels, and of course, each other. Why do we deserve to be the lucky couple to win this awesome giveaway? We don't have a sob story or heart-wrenching tale as to why we deserve to win. In fact, we feel pretty darn lucky with the hand we've been dealt. While our wedding will be a modest affair, we realize that money doesn't make a wedding great, but rather it is the people who share with you in the moment. We are surrounded by wonderful people, and kick-ass friends mean a kick-ass wedding. That is what we plan to have! We think Eliesa will not only be able to capture the joy, but may have some fun herself on our special day in Chapel Hill.

So...will there be a 2010 Wedding Giveaway?? Details to come!