Mr. and Mrs. Tosseng!

Krystle and Aaron currently live in nice, warm and sunny Texas. So, when it came to planning their wedding, they loved the idea of coming back home to the Indiana / Chicago area for a winter wedding! The morning of their wedding began with the perfect, light and fluffy snow falling, which was the perfect start to their day! It was almost like a snow globe as we arrived at the church, where Aaron had waited to see his bride until she walked down the aisle! I absolutely loooooove the church these two got married in! There's something about an old, traditional church - and especially in the winter - that is just so romantic. With poinsettias and twinkle lights setting the scene, they tied the knot in front of their closest family and friends! When it came to the portrait session of their day, we took the wedding party to one of Krystle and Aaron's favorite locations - right along the shoreline of Lake Michigan! I must say, everyone in this wedding party were troopers, because the air was SO frigid and cold, and they were brave enough to see it thru to make the couple's day! For us, this marked the last wedding for the 2012 season and it's been one fantastic year of weddings! We now have a break until late April when things start up again for 2013. The night ended with lots of celebration - cheers to marriage, a new year and new adventures!


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Congratulations to Aaron and Krystle on their wedding day! We are SO happy for you and all the adventures ahead!