2011 Photogen Inc Wedding Photography Giveaway: Vote now!

2011Wedding_GiveawayVote.jpgI'm SUPER excited to announce the top 3 couples in the 2011 Giveaway contest as well as open voting to the public! Each of these couple have an amazing love story, so now it's up to YOU to chose who wins their dream photography + video package! **This contest is highly based on voting with integrity. Please do not abuse our voting poll**
 22668_811992458542_10104937_46945003_7394012_n.jpg Couple #1: LORI & DAVIDLocation: Arizona Story: Lori and David have known each other since they were little kids, yet they only met one year ago. Both of these two are from Romania and their families immigrated to the United States when they were very young. They just to play together as little children, but were separated when their churches split. Both Lori and David went on with their lives and as chance would have it, they both decided to go to the University of Arizona for college. Lori's friends would always talk about a Romanian boy they were friends with, but they never had a chance to meet. Lori eventually went off to Chicago for work, but came back to Arizona for medical school. Last year, while filling the role as a bridesmaid in her friend's wedding, Lori was magically paired up to walk down the isle with David! This mysterious Romanian boy she has been wondering all of her life was right there by her side and that is where he has been ever since! These two truly feel that the powers-that-be have brought them together and they have each found their soul mate!


Location: Northern California

Story: Joslyn was a 25 year old American girl who was beautiful, smart and full of life...and she knew she would never 'sell out' when it came to love. She believed that her soul mate was out there...somewhere! Marcelo was a 27 year old Brazilian who decided to come to America to expand his international horizons with his law degree! 30 days before his year in America was up, he was invited to a dinner by Joslyn's father. Little did he know, this would be the day that would change his daughter's life forever! The two young loves started chatting it up at the party and from that point on, they built a super strong relationship in the next month! By the time Marcelo had to leave the country, they both knew this was more than a crush, this was IT. The couple spent hundreds of hours on skype, and after 3 international trips to see each other, Marcelo finally proposed!

IMG_5295.jpg Couple #3: ALLISON & ALEX

Location: Minneapolis

Story: Allison met Alex in high school, and they are a true story of how opposites attract. She was a junior, he was a senior. She was the artsy girl and he was the 'slacker' guy. However, after his grad party, they decided to hang out. A thunderstorm had descended and the couple got caught in the rain! They spent the rest of the night cuddled up on a couch watching a movie and quickly realized they were interested in each other! When it came time for Alex to go to college, he was 4 hours away from Allison and for 5 years, they had a long distance relationship! The distance only made them stronger and Alex proposed to Allison, a photography enthusiast herself, in a photo booth!

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