Mr. and Mrs. Williams!

Kaylan and Matt had a fantastic wedding. The vibe was totally chill, the crowd was incredibly fun and the location of their wedding day provided the perfect amount of surprise for their guests! The couple chose the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis to have their wedding and what I personally love about this space is the great architecture and pockets of light that add a little  drama to the photos. Their ceremony took place on the Endless Bridge, which overlooks one of the best skylines that the city as to offer! It was perfectly overcast on this day, so the light was incredibly even and created a beautiful backdrop to be married. All of the guests then moved to the Dowling Studio, which is also known as the 'yellow room'. The light is unique in that space and continued to give gorgeous views of the city.  Just when their guests thought the night couldn't get any better, a secret wall raised up and Kaylan and Matt gave a dramatic entrance to their reception room, which was in a small theater, all decked out in chandeliers. It was dramatic, romantic and the perfect space to throw their party. WilliamsBlg0001WilliamsBlg0002 WilliamsBlg0003 WilliamsBlg0004WilliamsBlg0005 WilliamsBlg0006 WilliamsBlg0007 WilliamsBlg0008 WilliamsBlg0009WilliamsBlg0010 WilliamsBlg0011 WilliamsBlg0012 WilliamsBlg0013 WilliamsBlg0014 WilliamsBlg0015WilliamsBlg0016 WilliamsBlg0017 WilliamsBlg0018 WilliamsBlg0019WilliamsBlg0020 WilliamsBlg0021 WilliamsBlg0022 WilliamsBlg0023 WilliamsBlg0024 WilliamsBlg0025 WilliamsBlg0026WilliamsBlg0027 WilliamsBlg0028 WilliamsBlg0029 WilliamsBlg0030 WilliamsBlg0031 WilliamsBlg0032 WilliamsBlg0033 WilliamsBlg0034 WilliamsBlg0035 WilliamsBlg0036 WilliamsBlg0037 WilliamsBlg0038

Congratulations to Kaylan and Matt! You really did have the BEST day!