Ally + Jake // Engaged!

Ally and Jake met while on the road for work. A few years later, Jake proposed and now they’re in full wedding planning mode for the 2020 season! For their engagement session, we went out to the oh-so-lovely Redeemed Farm and it was the perfect summer afternoon session! Since the couple is getting married out East, they wanted to bring in touches of the Midwest for their engagement photos. Redeemed Farm was truly the perfect location for this!

Congratulations to Ally and Jake on their engagement!


Leah + Justin // Engaged!


Leah and Justin totally have that ‘thing’ that happens when you know you’ve met the person you’re supposed to be with the rest of your life. They have ‘it’ - the mysterious, wonderful, unexplainable thing we call love. Leah grew up here in Minnesota, but the couple met out in Boston where they lived until recently! Together with their two pups, they’re settling back in the homeland and I couldn’t be more excited for their wedding this fall in Minnesota!

Congratulations to Leah and Justin on their engagement!


Engaged! // Trish + Chase

Chase noticed Trish from afar and it was love at first sight, but Trish didn't know it yet. The couple works for the same company and through a series of events - and one important morning at Starbucks - he finally found out her name. Chase worked really hard to figure out who the beautiful woman was and finally had the chance to ask her out on a date! 

One week after the couple met, Trish invited Chase to a family wedding in Colorado. Bold, right? I love it! It was there that Trish and Chase realized that they have all sorts of deep rooted connections with their friends and family and from that point on, the two were inseparable. 

Trish and Chase have traveled the world since then, even getting engaged in Rome! It's fitting that their wedding will be in Napa, where the wine will be flowing and the scenery will be stunning! For their engagement session, we kept it close to home here in Minneapolis, but incorporated elements of their big day (aka - the wine and bubbly!).

I have really loved getting to know Trish and Chase and totally fell in love myself with their story! I'm so happy for these two!


Engaged! // Raquel + Jared

For those of us who have been to Chicago, we know how magical that city is. Raquel and Jared met one night out on the town and literally the rest is history! She is a beautiful, sweet woman who definitely found the man of her dreams in Jared and I am so very excited for their wedding! 

Raquel grew up in Minnesota, so the couple is coming home to get married! We ventured downtown for a Mill City engagement session and it was the perfect day! Can we also talk about how fun Raquel's dress is? Swoon! 

Congratulations to Raquel and Jared on their engagement! 


Engaged! // Katie + Travis

Katie and Travis have whatever it is. You know, that unexplainable thing that you see in couples and it is what we all strive for. It's a deep connection, a sense of respect, a great sense of humor and that little something special that brings it home. It's inspiring is what it is. I love the way that Katie and Travis talk about one another and spending time with them during their engagement session left me feeling all sorts of special to document this time in life for them.

So, without further adieu, here are some of my favorite moments from Katie and Travis's engagement session! I can't wait for the wedding!


Engaged! // Joanna + Jordan


Jordan and Joanna are a wonderful couple. Their happiness and positivity just make you smile and seeing the two of them just naturally puts you in a better mood. The couple met in college and have been having fun together ever since. We waited (literally) almost all winter to get the perfect snowy day for their engagement session and it was so worth the wait! We spent some time with their gorgeous Chocolate Lab, Ryder, and ventured into their neighborhood of the North Loop! 

Congratulations to Jordan and Joanna on their engagement! I am so excited for you two and can't wait for your wedding this fall!