The Modern Day Man!!

Hell yeah, this feels so good! We are right on the verge of launching the new commercial brand, Eliesa, in just a couple weeks! Absolutely everything is coming together perfectly, including the test shoots we've been pumping out! The latest one is just WAY too awesome not to show you!

I wanted to shoot menswear, and I was fortunate enough for Len Druskin to pull all of my looks for the shoot! In my opinion, they have some of the best menswear in the cities, so I was super excited to have such awesome attire to work with! I wanted this shoot to be striking and strong, along with having an energy to the photos that you just couldn't look away from.

We fuckin' nailed it! Annnnd, this little test shoot is getting a little bit of publicity already! Mary O'Regan, fashion editor of Metro Magazine, blogged a fantastic little review about it...make sure to check it out here!

Enough talking, may I present to you, the MAN shoot!

A HUGE thank you to my amazing team for this shoot!

Clothes: Len Druskin Man Styling: Erick DeLeon Talent: Mitch Kelly, freelance and Noah Duncanson of Ignite Models Hair: Micah Savage Makeup: Margo Gordon Production: Liz Hardt Assistant: Spencer Combs