Matt and Hillary: Engaged!

Let me start this post by saying that Matt and Hillary are two people who were literally made for each other! Both of these two grew up in my hometown, and they both come from families who truly have roots in that community. Hillary first noticed Matt in high school. Over and over, she tried to drop a hint to him that she was interested...little notes, glances, you know...high school flirting...Matt never took the hint! Obviously, her work and patience paid off and ever since their first date, they have never been a part! I asked Hill what it was about Matt that she was instantly drawn to? Her answer, "He was just SO nice! I mean, he was ALWAYS so nice!" I would have to agree with her, that is the one characteristic of Matt that I think everyone who comes in contact with him notices. He's genuine, nice - and let me tell you, this man is SO in love with his woman! Their love it true, easy and effortless. The just make each other glow...and you can't help but be totally and completely happy for them! For their engagement session, we headed out to Bauer Berry Farm, which was an absolute blast! Hillary had the perfect vision of her session all planned out and it was so much fun to create and help this come to life!


Congratulations to Matt and Hill on their engagement! Stay tuned for their super cute wedding this fall!