Abby and Eric // Engaged!

Abby and Eric are fantastic. They are such an easy-going, happy, light-hearted couple who have basically been together since the day they met. And can you guess how they met? None other than the marching band! Both Abby and Eric were part of the band at the University of Minnesota and who would have thought that this is where they would find love? (Have I mentioned that I LOVE to hear stories of how couples meet? Every story is incredibly unique...) I asked the couple, what was is about one another that you fell in love with? Their answer was simple, "It's just been so easy - and so fun." 0008  0012 0015 0017 0026 0030 0032 0034 0038 0041 0043 0049 0054 0057

Congratulations to Abby and Eric on their engagement! The couple is getting married in just a couple of weeks, so we'll be seeing more of them on the blog, soon!