Mr. and Mrs. Vaillancourt // Married in Mexico!

I love destination weddings, I mean it - I really, really love them. Every guest at a destination wedding is experiencing a new place, a new space and best of all - they are on vacation. I find that the vibe amongst the couple, their families and their wedding party are more relaxed when everyone is entirely out of their element. For Allison and Beecher, coming to a place where they could get away, relax and be with family and friends was incredibly important to them. They are a bit of a high-profile couple here in Minneapolis, with Allison running Ignite Models Inc. and Beecher going between managing Epic Entertainment and his new event production company, V2 NightLife. These two are incredibly passionate about their work, but wanted to escape for this special occasion. Personally, I've had the pleasure of working with Allison thru her agency over the years, and it was so nice to really get to know the other side of her world. Allison and Beecher have an adorable little girl and another little one on the way. They are amazing parents who have an incredible family behind them and everyone in the room could feel this love at their wedding! It was a pretty impressive turnout - almost 80 guests flew in to witness the wedding and some even came all the way from Iran! Carrie from Pineapple Travel did an amazing job with booking the travel and made everyone feel taken care of. The destination was Los Cabos, Mexico and all of the guests stayed at the Barcelo Los Cabos Palace hotel. The wedding, however, took place at the prestigious Cabo del Sol golf course. The weather was 95 degrees and perfectly sunny for the big day. This wedding meant a lot to me for many reasons, but especially because Allison and Beecher are incredibly connected - and especially with photographers - in the Minneapolis area. They could have literally asked anyone to photograph their wedding, so it was a true honor to be chosen to capture this day. I was also able to fly down my great friend Daniel Chin of Traverse Photography to shoot with me and it was SO much fun to work with him! So, without further adieu, lets officially kick off the 2013 wedding season with a giant blog post...

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Congratulations to Allison, Beecher and your new little family! It was such a great weekend, thank you so much for inviting us to document this time in your lives!