Amanda and Derek // Engaged!

They didn't think it would work. Both Amanda and Derek were up to the challenge to prove to their friends that online dating was bogus. You see, that is how each of these individuals met. They were both betting their odds that, you know, all of the cheesy commercials you see for e harmony don't really work in real life. That's what they thought. However, it's a good thing that there wasn't actually any money on the table, because they both would have lost it all. As it turns out, finding one another thru the crazy world of the internet actually does work - and it worked perfectly for Derek and Amanda. These two absolutely adore one another and they are also just SO excited to be with each other. They are the perfect match and if I could place my bets, I would put down all of my money that these two are going to last a lifetime. kuchenbeckerblog0001 kuchenbeckerblog0002 kuchenbeckerblog0003 kuchenbeckerblog0004 kuchenbeckerblog0005 kuchenbeckerblog0006 kuchenbeckerblog0007 kuchenbeckerblog0008 kuchenbeckerblog0009 kuchenbeckerblog0010 kuchenbeckerblog0011 kuchenbeckerblog0012 kuchenbeckerblog0013 kuchenbeckerblog0014 kuchenbeckerblog0015 kuchenbeckerblog0016 kuchenbeckerblog0017 kuchenbeckerblog0018

Congratulations to Derek and Amanda on their engagement! I can't wait to be a part of your wedding day!