Laura and Nick // Engaged!

Laura and Nick grew up together and really met at the young age of thirteen! They officially started dating in high school and have been together ever since. One of the things that I noticed was how thoughtful these two are with one another, especially for a couple who has already known each other for their lifetime. One of the best gifts that Nick has ever given Laura is their dog, Emma. Emma is a gorgeous Golden Retriever who came along for part of their engagement session and she is a HOOT! Just full of personality and, might I add, a big fan of the snow. Both Laura and Nick light up when they are all together and as a dog lover myself, this warms my heart. St. Paul was our location of choice for their session, since this is the place they call home. And can we mention just how good looking these two are? They make such a classically, gorgeous, couple! McGuireEngBlog0001 McGuireEngBlog0002 McGuireEngBlog0003 McGuireEngBlog0004 McGuireEngBlog0005 McGuireEngBlog0006 McGuireEngBlog0007 McGuireEngBlog0008 McGuireEngBlog0009 McGuireEngBlog0010 McGuireEngBlog0011 McGuireEngBlog0012 McGuireEngBlog0013 McGuireEngBlog0014 McGuireEngBlog0015 McGuireEngBlog0016

Congratulations to Laura and Nick on their engagement! We know your wedding will be absolutely stunning!