Amer and Rita: Engaged!

I am LOVING this late summer light! And it is the season for engagement sessions! Amer is from Chicago and Rita from Minneapolis. This couple has the perfect mix of a solid relationship and very special connection that makes them an amazing couple!

Rita is a long-time-friend of another Photogen Inc bride, Jessica! Both of these ladies are marrying men from Chicago and I couldn't be happier to be photographing both of their weddings!

Now, onto the good stuff - aren't these two stunning?!?!

biagengblg0001.jpg biagengblg0002.jpg biagengblg0003.jpg biagengblg0004.jpg biagengblg0005.jpg biagengblg0006.jpg biagengblg0007.jpg biagengblg0008.jpg biagengblg0009.jpg biagengblg0010.jpg biagengblg0011.jpg biagengblg0012.jpg biagengblg0013.jpg biagengblg0014.jpg biagengblg0015.jpg

Congratulations to Amer and Rita!