Stephanie: Boudoir Photography Session!

Stephanie got married 2 months ago and what a lucky husband she is going to have! As a wedding gift, she flew all the way from Chicago and treated herself to a boudoir photography session for her man! We had our session at the A Loft Hotel in downtown Minneapolis and I really enjoyed shooting a boudoir session in this space! A special thank you to Hana for doing Stephanie's Hair + Makeup! Now, enough chatter, time to look at some haute boudoir photography!

stephboudoirblg0001.jpg stephboudoirblg0002.jpg stephboudoirblg0003.jpg stephboudoirblg0004.jpg stephboudoirblg0005.jpg stephboudoirblg0006.jpg stephboudoirblg0007.jpg stephboudoirblg0008.jpg

Ooooh La Laaa!