Ashley and Justin: Engaged!

Ashley and Justin are one of those couples who are meant to be together, but the part about their love story that I love the most is that the universe, literally, brought them together. They are one of those couples who have a million mutual connections, and their paths could have crossed several times before they actually met. However, timing is everything and three years ago, Justin and Ashley ended up at the same hockey game, a couple of hours away from home...and they've been together ever since!These two are SO full of life and absolutely love to enjoy it together. They love to do everything from travel to ride motorcycles...and lets not forget their oh-so-cute-pugs Bella and Bentley! [blogshow id=4dd4309155e15 player=0 autoplay=0 toolbar=0]

Congratulations to Ashley and Justin on their engagement - I can't wait for your wedding this summer!