Mr. and Mrs. Klaas

Back when the bride's parent's got married, Kelsey's mother had a true DIY (do-it-yourself) wedding, right down to making her own wedding dress. Fast forward to 2011 and Kelsey would have it no other way. There are DIY weddings...and then there are DIY weddings! For Kelsey and James's big day, family and friends came together months ago to begin making all of the details. The mother-of-the-bride made each bridesmaid their own custom dress, the girls came together to make their super-fun-hair-pieces and the bride even made all of her attendants custom jewelry! Beyond all of this, they also made all of their own flower arrangements, bouquets and boutonnieres - that turned out gorgeous!! One of the coolest details of the day was a handkerchief from the women on the groom's side. This particular handkerchief has been carried by every woman being married in the family since the 1800's - and every bride signs and dates the envelope after the big event. There's something so cool about a tradition like this - and being able to feel like you are taking part in this very special experience that so many other generations have done!

The festivities took place with the ceremony at the Lake of the Isles Chapel and continued onto the Nicollet Island Pavilion and even though it was rainy - it was a very happy day!

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Congratulations to Kelsey and James!! You two are a couple who is absolutely perfect for each other and it is so clear that you are going to have a long and happy life together!