Clayton & Lydia: Engaged!

Oh, I'm not even sure where to start with this one! I would love to introduce you all to one of our 2012 clients, Clayton & Lydia! The groom and I go wayyyyy back. Like he probably-has-some-of-the-most-embarassing-photos-of-me-ever-from-my-childhood back. Clayton and I grew up in the same church together, which was a very small group of people. Our youth group was composed of probably less than 10 people, and we were all quite the tight-knit-group back in the day. He was definitely a part of a core group of people I grew up with, and as life went on, I lost touch with him over the years. A few months ago, I received a facebook message that Clayton had met the woman of his dreams and he wanted to know if I would be their, yes!!!

It's kind of interesting, being in the position I am now, because I've photographed several couples from my hometown. Some of them whom I was friends with, others who I was simple acquaintances, but it never fails to amaze me how years after we have all grown out of our hometown, we all end up back in the same place, together again.

It has been SO cool to see Clayton and Lydia together and get to know them as a couple. He has truly found his match in this beautiful lady and I am SO happy for them! They are hilarious together, and have the same sense of humor, which is pretty fun to be around. These two met on, and the irony of it all is that Lydia was going to delete her profile the same day that Clayton messaged her for a date..."Ok," She thought, "One last date and then I'm DONE with this...." Good thing! That one-last-date turned into forever!

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Congratulations to Clayton and Lydia on their engagement! These two will be married later this spring and I can't wait for their day...think classic cars, barns and woods! YES!