The Oscars & Weddings // My Winners List!

Ok, this might be a little cheezy, but as I was watching the Oscars last night, I was thinking…Who in our industry would win these categories, if applied to Wedding & Portrait Photography? I had a little fun with this and put together my ‘Winners List’, hoping to simply share some people’s work that I’ve seen and been utterly inspired by!Best Picture: Mario Testino for Kate Moss’s Wedding in Vogue(If you haven’t seen all of the images, you definitely should.)

Photographer (Male) in a Leading Role: Max Wagner


Photographer (Male) in Supporting Role: Allan Zepeda (Allan works super hard on the Mel & Co Team in NYC. I’ve had the pleasure of having him assist me as well, and he is stellar.)


Photographer (Female) in Leading Role: Elizabeth Messina (Her work is the most beautiful, lovely, bridal photography ever. It’s simply the best.)


Photographer (Female) in Supporting Role: Lacie Hansen (Lacie is best known for being the right-hand-lady to Mr. Jose, but she has some killer work on her own!)


Best Editing: Angelica Glass


Costume Design: Jennifer B. Hudson


Documentary Feature: Riccis


Film Editing: John Dolan


Visual Effects: Ashley Lebedev


Humanitarian Award: Paper Antler & The Fifty Nifty Project (Seriously, the coolest mission ever.)

Paper Antler.jpg

Hopefully you all discovered someone new!

Here’s to Monday, have a great week!