Jill and Charlie // Engaged!

Jill and Charlie are a couple who are filled with a positive energy that is contagious. When you are around these two, you can't help but smile and laugh, which I absolutely adore. Between their awesome personalities, the fact that they are dog lovers and our instant photog/client connection, Jill and Charlie were a couple who booked with me on the spot. As an artist, it is always great when clients connect with your work, which is exactly my experience with these two. Trust is a great foundation to any relationship, but it's actually more important with your wedding photographer than you would expect! For their engagement session, we went to Theodore Wirth Park. The fall colors were still pretty strong and we simply went out, explored and had a ton of fun! StarkeBlog0001 StarkeBlog0002 StarkeBlog0003 StarkeBlog0004 StarkeBlog0005 StarkeBlog0006 StarkeBlog0007 StarkeBlog0008 StarkeBlog0009 StarkeBlog0010 StarkeBlog0011 StarkeBlog0012 StarkeBlog0013 StarkeBlog0014

Congratulations to Jill and Charlie on their engagement! I SO look forward to bring there on the big day!