Mr. and Mrs. Souslian!

Laura and Fotis had a wedding that I could only dream of shooting. As I learned at their engagement session in Seattle, this couple has a love for spontaneous adventure, good food and the finer things in life. How could we not be the perfect match? This all held true when it came to planning their wedding! I was thrilled to learn that Stephanie from Park Place Planning was working with Laura and Fotis to plan their day, because she always does such a great job! The women at L'atelier Couture helped Laura find the perfect dress and Fotis's tux was hand made by the Italian designer Isaia! Bastian + Skoog did a gorgeous job on the flowers and the staff at La Belle Vie blew us all away with the food. All of these very fancy and pretty details aside, I most enjoyed getting to know Laura and Fotis's friends and family. The couple chose to have an intimate wedding, along with a Greek wedding ceremony that brought together the perfect elements of family, faith and culture. Their day is one that I will remember forever! FotisLauraBlog0001 FotisLauraBlog0002 FotisLauraBlog0003 FotisLauraBlog0004 FotisLauraBlog0005 FotisLauraBlog0006 FotisLauraBlog0007 FotisLauraBlog0008 FotisLauraBlog0009 FotisLauraBlog0010 FotisLauraBlog0011 FotisLauraBlog0012 FotisLauraBlog0013 FotisLauraBlog0014 FotisLauraBlog0015 FotisLauraBlog0016 FotisLauraBlog0017 FotisLauraBlog0018 FotisLauraBlog0019 FotisLauraBlog0020 FotisLauraBlog0022 FotisLauraBlog0023 FotisLauraBlog0024 FotisLauraBlog0025 FotisLauraBlog0026 FotisLauraBlog0027 FotisLauraBlog0028 FotisLauraBlog0029 FotisLauraBlog0030 FotisLauraBlog0031 FotisLauraBlog0032 FotisLauraBlog0033 FotisLauraBlog0034 FotisLauraBlog0035 FotisLauraBlog0036 FotisLauraBlog0037 FotisLauraBlog0038 FotisLauraBlog0039 FotisLauraBlog0040 FotisLauraBlog0041 FotisLauraBlog0042 FotisLauraBlog0043 FotisLauraBlog0044 FotisLauraBlog0045 FotisLauraBlog0046 FotisLauraBlog0047 FotisLauraBlog0048 FotisLauraBlog0049

Congratulations to Laura and Fotis on their fantastic wedding! Though we still have a few more weddings to share here on the blog, this wedding wrapped up our 2013 season and it ended on the perfect note! I look forward to many more dinners with you two!