Jodi and Brandon: Engaged!

Jodi and Brandon met each other at a wedding. Seriously – their story is totally out of a perfectly written chick flick! He lived in Florida and Jodi was in Minnesota at the time, so the two continued to explore this relationship from a far. After many trips to Florida, Brandon proposed one night on the beach and Jodi said yes!

When I first met this couple, there was some serious client love! We bonded over many things, but specifically my love (and total guilty pleasure) of country music! I know, to all of those who know me, you will probably think I’m constantly about Jay Z all of the time, but little do you know, the country station is probably playing in my car 90% of the time when I’m driving alone…when you come from a small town, it’s what’s you love. Anyways, having some clients that I can share this secret love with is SO much fun and during their engagement session, the country music was definitely a-playin whenever we were in the car!

Another observation I made about these two is the honest and deep adoration that Brandon has for Jodi! Lets back up…Brandon is a gentleman’s gentleman. He’s the guy that will open every door for you and also not hesitate to risk-everything to save the day! When it comes to Jodi, it is so cool to see him treat her with such a genuine love and respect that is sometimes rare to see these days. Ladies – chivalry is alive and well! ;0)


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Congratulations to Jodi and Brandon on their engagement! So excited for their wedding next summer!