WEDDING STYLE // Freedom From Doubt

I am a sucker for good menswear. I absolutely love it when guys have great style, and especially on their wedding day! One of my favorite accessory designers is Jared Zachary, the genius behind Freedom From Doubt, which is a custom neckwear brand. This company makes bow ties, neckties and pocket squares that are THE perfect, unique and perfectly chosen accessory for any groom, groomsmen or wedding guest. Freedom From Doubt has booth an Freedom From Doubt and also specializes in custom design. The company is also hand-makes everything, right here in the U.S.A. Jared was so gracious to take the time and answer some questions into dressing like a gentleman and the mystery of tying a bow tie!

Q. What makes Freedom From Doubt so unique?

A. I would say there are few key things that allow Freedom From Doubt to remain unique in the wedding industry. First of all, my clients don't have to worry about a thing, because they are in safe hands. Custom orders are specific to the needs of the wedding party, so they don't have to stress about finding the right color, pattern, or fabric content on the rack. Being a small business, clients are able to meet with myself, rather than a representative, and I am very flexible to create exactly what they want. I can also work with them to develop their ideas in the most tasteful and most efficient way.

Secondly, I am able to create their custom designs in a hassle-free, ready-tied bow. This makes it easy for the groomsmen, but best of all, the bows look like they are actually tied by hand. Groomsmen don't have to look like you are re-living their junior prom.

[quote]Freedom From Doubt is all about confidence. My job is to take the client's idea and bring it to life to express their character and radiate their confidence.[/quote]

Q. What are the first steps a groom should take when choosing what attire to purchase for their wedding day?

A. Communicate with your bride first. Communicate with your groomsmen next. Do all this with your own style in mind. Obviously, the brides dress and bridesmaid dresses take precedence over the mens looks. That's not a bad thing, because it give the mens looks direction. Once you know your color palette, you can hit the ground running.

Q. What are the benefits of having custom neckwear?

A. Everybody wants to make their wedding day special, intimate, and unique. That being said, there are not many ways to have a totally custom wedding or even custom clothing without spending a considerable amount of money. If you can afford to purchase custom tailored suits, do it. If not, make your groom and groomsmen's outfit unique in more budget-friendly way -- the accessories. The accessories make or break the outfit. Go for custom neckwear and even custom pocket squares, and you can have the unique look you want, without breaking the bank.

Q. Why should we care about the pocket square?

A. Sometimes, an outfit can be a puzzle -- Each piece needs to be present for the puzzle to work. A pocket square is a simple accessory that can tie your outfit together in order to complete the puzzle. I usually wear one to unite my choice of neckwear with the rest of my outfit.

Q. What are some key trends in menswear / neckwear right now?

A. Men are finally having more fun. Just all the lifestyle accoutrements like fancy shaving kits, facial care, and hair grooming products that have been around for years. This is evidence that more and more men are becoming more interested in the way they look and feel. They care. And that is a great thing. This has sparked many trends like the use of narrow ties, bow ties, and pocket squares. Within these categories, I am seeing bold colors and bold prints with the importance textures increasing each season.

Q. What are some tips on buying neckwear online and finding that 'perfect fit'?

A. I can't speak for every company, but I know that this world is only becoming more and more technology-driven. That means designers like myself are designing with their online customer in mind. Honestly, it's difficult to sell a product to somebody that can't see it with their own eyes or touch it with their own hands. However, I am always going to make sure that my customers are able to see the exact color and texture of each piece with true, high quality images. All of my bow ties are adjustable, so they are sure to fit. If there is any uncertainty or any problems with fit, I always urge my customers to let me know so I can meet their needs accordingly. I feel like most online stores realize the importance of a personable customer service team and are more than happy to field questions a potential customer would have. My online store is a simple tool for my customers, new and returning, to have quick and easy access to my products. The best part is that anyone in the world can be free from doubt.

You can also check out Freedom From Doubt on Facebook.