Laura and Fotis // Engaged!

Laura and Fotis are totally my people. They love food (in fact, I'm pretty sure we ate our way through their engagement session), they like to live life in the fast lane and to top it all off, they are such a caring and hospitable couple. Both Laura and Fotis are surgeons and Fotis has been out in Seattle for his fellowship. Laura often travels across the country to spend time with her groom-to-be, so we thought it was only fitting to document this time in their lives in the city that they most love. Seattle is one of my favorite places in the county. It has so much to offer and we had absolutely amazing weather for their engagement weekend. It was so great to get to know Laura and Fotis so much more and we simply hung out in the city and experienced the beauty together!  

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Congratulations to Laura and Fotis! I am SO looking forward to your wedding this fall!