Mr. and Mrs. McDonald!

Every bride plans her wedding day to be absolutely perfect. This past weekend, Minnesota was hit by a series of storms that took out most of the power in the metro area. On the morning of Ashley and Matt's wedding, they woke up to discover that the salon, their church and their reception venue were all without power. To make matters even trickier, most of the cell towers were down, along with the internet, in most places. For us, as we were traveling to the couple to begin the day, the always quaint and gorgeous city of Wayzata was almost like a ghost town. Everything was shut down and closed, trees were down and as we were driving, we magically received a voicemail, letting us know a new location that had power! It turns out that good ole atlas maps still hold value and we found our way to the wedding! Once we arrived, I was so happy to see Ashley totally chill, getting her hair done and sipping a mimosa...perfect! She said it best herself, "You know, I planned for almost 2 years for this day. I had a plan for rain, for snow and just about every other situation...except for a power outage! Earlier this morning, I was driving with my sister and I thought, 'I could be a bridezilla. I could start freaking out. I could get upset, but there is no point. Power or no power, I'm getting married today and I am SO excited!"  I have always loved Ashley and Matt since the moment I met them - and their families, too! Despite the crazy weather, the day everyone managed with with style and grace and at the end of the day, everything went exactly as planned. The power came on to the church, then the venue and one-by-one, everything started to fall back into place! The incredible team at Mimi Design made the Wayzata Country Club look absolutely gorgeous - and at the end of the day, Ashley and Matt ended up happily married! McDonaldBlog0001 McDonaldBlog0002 McDonaldBlog0003 McDonaldBlog0004 McDonaldBlog0005 McDonaldBlog0006 McDonaldBlog0007 McDonaldBlog0008 McDonaldBlog0009 McDonaldBlog0010 McDonaldBlog0011 McDonaldBlog0012 McDonaldBlog0013 McDonaldBlog0014 McDonaldBlog0015 McDonaldBlog0016 McDonaldBlog0017 McDonaldBlog0018 McDonaldBlog0019 McDonaldBlog0020 McDonaldBlog0021 McDonaldBlog0022 McDonaldBlog0023 McDonaldBlog0024 McDonaldBlog0025 McDonaldBlog0026 McDonaldBlog0027 McDonaldBlog0028 McDonaldBlog0029 McDonaldBlog0030 McDonaldBlog0031 McDonaldBlog0032 McDonaldBlog0033 McDonaldBlog0034 McDonaldBlog0035

Congratulations to Ashley and Matt! We had such an adventure with you all and I'm so happy to have been a part of it!