Katharine and Ryan // Engaged!

SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0001 SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0003 SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0004 SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0005 SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0007 SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0009 SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0010 SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0011 SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0012 SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0013 SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0014 SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0015 SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0016 SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0017 SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0018 SanFrancisco_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0019 Katharine and Ryan met in Minnesota, but shortly thereafter, Katharine accepted a job offer in her home-state of California, which quickly put into perspective just how special they were to one another. Ryan made a bold move and decided to also start a new life in California, to be closer to Katharine - and needless to say, it's worked out wonderfully! For this couples engagement session, I traveled to their new home in the San Francisco bay area. We hiked some Redwood groves, ate some amazing food and even went to their favorite dive bar...and their favorite-fancy-date-night-spot at the whiskey bar, Hard Water. (Seriously, if you are going to San Francisco - make this a destination!) It was so great to spend time with Katharine and Ryan and see their life together on the west coast! Congratulations to these two on their engagement!