Maddie and Ben // Engaged!

Uptown_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0002 Uptown_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0003 Uptown_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0004 Uptown_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0005 Uptown_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0006 Uptown_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0007 Uptown_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0008 Uptown_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0009 Uptown_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0010 Uptown_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0011 Uptown_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0012 Uptown_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0013 Uptown_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0014 Uptown_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0015 Uptown_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0016 Uptown_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0017 Uptown_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0018 Uptown_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0019 Uptown_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0020 From the moment that Maddie walked into my studio, I knew that I had to photograph her wedding. We bonded instantly over restaurants, Frye boots, J crew jackets and our dogs. Needless to say, our client/photographer connection was strong, but after meeting her fiance Ben, I am even more pleased with this couple. They are so fun and have an outlook and energy for life that is so contagious. The couple chose to have an Uptown engagement session, which is where they spend much of their time. It was a gorgeous fall day and I couldn't be happier with these photos! Congratulations to Maddie and Ben on their engagement!