Sara and Matt: Engaged!!

I LOVE Sara and Matt. I mean it, I absolutely adore this couple. They are SO meant to be together! These two love birds have the most hilarious sense of humor and I had so much fun with them! Sara and Matt met one Halloween night. Matt was dressed as a penguin and I'm laughing as I write this at the thought of him asking for Sara's phone a penguin suit! However, if you know these two at all, that scenario is absolutely perfect.

I met this couple over a year ago at the Odney Wedding and THAT night at their reception, Sara came up to me and said 'Whenever I get engaged, you are the FIRST call I am making!' - sure enough, she booked her wedding a couple days after they became engaged!! I love it when that happens. Not only do I know that I am the perfect match for the couple, but our chemistry is amazing and a deep friendship is bound to happen!

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Congratulations to Sara and Matt! I can't WAIT for your wedding!