Mr. and Mrs. Fung!!!

Annie and Eric had the perfect Minnesota summer day to get married on! The weather was beautiful and everything truly came together for these two! It is no small task to plan your wedding from afar! Annie and Eric came back to Minnesota from Washington D.C. to get married where Eric grew up. Their day was filled with magical moments (see ring shot below) and lots of memories! Location: Private Residence Wedding Coordinator: Lasting Impressions Weddings Bride's Dress: Oscar de la Renta Florist: Apple Blossom Flowers Catering: Prom Catering Cake: Buttercream Live Band: The Mod Squad

fungblg0001.jpg fungblg0002.jpg fungblg0003.jpg fungblg0004.jpg fungblg0005.jpg fungblg0006.jpg fungblg0007.jpg fungblg0008.jpg fungblg0009.jpg fungblg0010.jpg fungblg0011.jpg fungblg0012.jpg fungblg0013.jpg fungblg0014.jpg fungblg0015.jpg fungblg0016.jpg fungblg0017.jpg fungblg0018.jpg fungblg0019.jpg fungblg0020.jpg fungblg0021.jpg fungblg0022.jpg fungblg0023.jpg fungblg0024.jpg fungblg0025.jpg fungblg0026.jpg fungblg0027.jpg fungblg0028.jpg fungblg0029.jpg fungblg0030.jpg fungblg0031.jpg fungblg0032.jpg fungblg0033.jpg fungblg0034.jpg fungblg0035.jpg fungblg0036.jpg fungblg0037.jpg fungblg0038.jpg

Congratulations to Annie and Eric!