Collin Hughes

I feel like we have been working on so many behind-the-scenes things here at Photogen Inc. and we are announcing them all at once!
It came time to update my personal photos again - I like to keep these fresh and fun! My last images were done by Angelica Glass, and I loved them! When it came time to choose a photographer to continue my promo images and resonate the vibe I wanted to give - there was only one person that came to mind, and that is Collin! Collin is a great friend of mine, which is awesome, but I truly am SUCH a huge fan of his work! His images are filled with honesty and an energy that I just love!

Collin posted a preview of our shoot on his blog - check it out!

Collin - thank you for being SO amazing at what you do and an even more awesome friend! Much love!

eliesa proofs 131web.jpg

eliesa proofs 132_2web.jpg

eliesa proofs 134_2web.jpg LOVEe