Mr. and Mrs. Von Ruden!!

Every client is different for me and I really try and wrap my head around each of their days! Not only do the couple's choice of venue, style, and personality come into play, but also the time of year and - most importantly - the overall vibe I get from them! Sarah and Anthony have always stuck me as one of those couples who are truly classic and timeless. Since they booked, I kept thinking about The Kennedy's wedding and how I could use that as a source of inspiration! Sarah and Rudy's wedding took place at The Landmark Center, which is an incredibly historical spot in St Paul. Mix that with Sarah's gorgeous lace dress and their never-ending beauty and they were simply stunning on their wedding day! As I was processing these images, I just fell in love with every image a little bit more when it was in black and white! They have an energy and mood to them when processed this way vs color, SO...this entire blog post is in B&W...bold, I know!;0) Sarah and Rudy's also marked the LAST wedding of our 2010 season and it was quite the finale - and the perfect end to one amazing year of weddings!

I hope you love these as much as I do!


Congratulations to Sarah and Anthony on your AMAZING wedding day! I am SO happy for the both of you!