European Journey // Amalfi Coast Part 1

The next part of my vacation took me to the Amalfi Coast of Italy. Now, I honestly didn't know much about this place when I booked it...I had just heard that it was gorgeous! It was more than gorgeous, it was simply stunning.

When I booked this entire trip, which was just a few weeks ago, my mission was to literally get away. To relax, eat Italian food, drink local wine and experience a culture I never had before. I am most inspired when I am in a new place and space. I looooooove soaking up 'real life' in a new culture and Amalfi was about as local as I could get. It's not particularly easy to get to, it's about a 3 hour train ride from Rome and then another hour by bus (and I must mention, if you have motion out!). The roads are nothing but sharp turns and switchbacks, but little by little I was transported into this very enchanting world called Amalfi.

My first day there, I spent doing absolutely nothing. It had been go-go-go in my travels so far, so I slept in and went on a bit of a day hike down to the beach. I didn't really come prepared for hiking and it was still quite chilly out, but it was well worth the walk to completely decompress, relax and take in all of the beauty around me!

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More on the town of Amalfi in my next post!