European Journey // Amalfi Coast Part 2

I'm currently back at home, in the studio, writing you all this final blog post of my European adventures! I have to admit, it's nice being back in my space, with my fast internet and I have a new appreciation for my little world I live in here in Minneapolis. It's always so exciting to travel to far away lands, but this city never fails to come home to.

This post is one of my favorites. On this trip, the most amount of time was spent in a little coastal Italian town called Amalfi. Amalfi is gorgeous. It's breathtaking. No picture will ever be able to do it justice. February is definitely smack dab in the middle of the 'slow season' for this town. Amalfi thrives on the summer, with tourists flocking to their amazing beaches, so when it's slow, no one seems to care about the tourists and because of this, I was able to observe and see what this little town is really like, when all of the glitz and glamour is on hold.

Amalfi is simply enchanting and it's everything you expect it to be for a small Italian village. Laundry is hung to dry on the lines, and everyone lunches and naps for a good portion of the afternoon. The shops close down and the locals gather in their homes. The men sit outside of their bars and smoke endless amounts of cigarettes while the women walk with their shopping carts to the markets to buy fresh produce. Life is slow, the waves are crashing and everyone is content. One afternoon I bought a TON of spiced, fresh olives from the market for only 1 Euro and sat and ate them on the rocks, a simple pleasure that was so amazing. Another day, I slept 9 whole hours to the sounds of the was a perfect place for rest.

Most of these photos feature the colors and textures of the town. I posted some of my favorite portraits, entitled The People of Amalfi over on my commercial blog. It's a great little post and I got a bit personal with it as well, so I encourage you all to check it out!

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Going on this trip was everything I hoped it would be! I indulged in food, in wine, in rest and in simply wandering with my camera, which was exactly what I needed.

I hope you've enjoyed all of this! It's been so much fun to share and hear your responses!

Have an awesome weekend!