Let me take a moment to talk about my friends, Sara and Scott! Together, many of us refer to them as Haytour and they are two of my all-time-favorite-people, hands down! Sara is a photographer who hails from Minnesota and this past year, she followed her dream to move to the pacific northwest! It's funny, because when Sara lived RIGHT in town, we knew each other and were friends, but we REALLY have grown a million times closer since she moved away! It's funny how that works... About a week before Sara moved, she met Scott, who lives in Tacoma and he flew out to help her move! Every one was like, "Who is this guy?"...Why am I telling you all of this? Well, Sara and Scott have become two of the most important people in my life very quickly and they've been back in MPLS visiting this last week! I've spent time with them out in Seattle / Tacoma, and between that time and this week, I just simply adore them. My job is consumed by couples who are in love, and sometimes, I will admit, I analyze the topic quite a bit!  I think their relationship, perspective in life and outlook on the world is SO refreshing! These are two people who truly live life to the fullest...and make me laugh CONSTANTLY when I am around them! They are people who pick me up, people who support me and completely understand me.

I suppose there is not really a point to this blog post except to express my extreme love for Sara and Scott! (I know that might sounds weird, but shit, you get it, right?!) Friends like this are so rare in life, yet so necessary! I feel super lucky to have such incredible friends in my life and I hope that everyone can experience this kind of friendship in their lives!


Happy Friday Everyone!